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What Will I Learn?


The Growth Blueprint

  • What Pinterest is and why it's beneficial to you.
  • How to sign up to Pinterest.
  • Optimising your profile for success.
  • What rich pins are and how to configure them.
  • How to create boards.
  • Optimising board titles and descriptions.
  • Creating board covers that define your brand.
  • All about pinning.
  • Designing clickable pins.
  • How to post a pin and re-pin.
  • The best pinning ratio
  • Account automation
  • Understanding "pin-able" content.
  • Breaking down Pinterest analytics 

Preventing Pinterest Suspension 

  • Learn how to preventing suspension.
  • Understand what not to do to set of Pinterest's 'spam detectors'.
  • Learn what to do if you are suspended - permanently and temporary.
  • Learn how to contact Pinterest if ever needed.



Order today and get access to 3 in-depth bonuses to help extend your Pinterest knowledge.

• Mastering Marketing On Pinterest - Email lists, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

• Moving Your Content Towards Trending Ideas

• What NOT To Do On Pinterest



Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who is looking to drive traffic.

Whether you are a...


E-commerce store owner

Affiliate marketer


Business owner

If you are willing to apply the information taught in this guide and put in daily work, then you will start to see results. 

Whether you are a new Pinterest user or an experienced Pinterest user, this guide will benefit you and get you results.


Who Is This Guide Not For?

This guide is not for those who want to see overnight results.

Pinterest is like a baby. You have to nurture it and put in the work. It requires daily work before you start to see traffic, especially if your Pinterest profile is totally new.

If you have read every page on Google about Pinterest and are still struggling to see results, then that is probably an issue with your niche, so this guide cannot help you with that.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest





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