Is it hard for you to make money on Twitter?

Do you want more retweets ?

Is your following growing very slow?

This course will walk you through step by step on how to solve all 3 of those issues. This course includes:

  • Private Facebook Group

    • Get all ​questions answered and network with others who have taken the course

  • Video Lessons

  • 2 + Hours of Lessons

  • Homework assignments

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Relationship building tactics

  • Distribution plan





Length: 12:12



  • Introducing Nate2xs + ForTheWxnners

  • Case Study: @DontezAkram

  • Case Study: @EmilyKrings

  • Levels of Error

  • Course overview


Homework: Get pumped about building relationships and growing your influence on Twitter.



Length: 22:13



  • Introduction to Profile Guides

  • Brand Development

    • Who are you?

    • Who is your ideal follower/customer?


Homework: Use the downloadable Profile Guide Template to build your profile guide.



Length: 16:36



  • Profile Strategy

    • What is your general approach?

      • Shoutouts

      • Entertainment

      • Educational

    • How do you show your ideal audience who you are?

    • The Basics

      • Profile picture

      • Header

      • Links

    • Advanced

      • Optimizing your Twitter bio

        • Treating a bio as an elevator pitch

        • Telling somebody why they should follow you

      • SEO for Twitter


Homework: Complete the downloadable profile checklist.



Length: 21:16



  • Tweet bootcamp

    • Do:

      • Keep your content relevant

      • Use plenty of photos and videos

      • Document and vlog everything

      • Use readable formats (lots of spacing)

    • Don’t:

      • Spam with links

      • Use a ton of hashtags

  • Account preview


Homework: Follow instructions in downloadable Phase 3 Homework document.



Phase 4 is broken down into 4 distinct parts to make the information easier to digest.


Part 1

Length: 33:17



  • Build influence and relationships, not followers

    • Develop a great message

    • Find an audience to deliver the audience to

    • Build social proof

  • Create a marketing funnel

    • Targeted following

      • Use follow-to-follow to build relationships

      • Stop at 1000 followers

      • Invest in media credibility (shoutouts)

    • Traffic hacking

      • Reply to viral content with valuable information 


Homework: Keep up with the Daily Twitter Checklist.

Part 2

Length: 9:20



  • Stay in constant contact

    • Become a Twitter friends with your followers

      • DM everybody

    • Hack their timelines

      • Interact with 15 followers daily

      • Respond to all mentions

  • Stay consistent with your material (as per Daily Twitter Checklist)


Homework: Keep up with the Daily Twitter Checklist.


Part 3-4

Length: 8:31



  • Becoming an influential figure

    • Invest in social proof (shoutouts, 

    • Helps you skip from follower to fan much more quickly

  • Switch your followers from friends to fans


Homework: Follow instructions in downloadable Phase 4 Homework document.



Length: 3:33



  • Distribution channels

    • Distribute your content with

      • Paid shoutouts

      • Blog and podcast interviews

      • Twitter ads

      • Engagement groups


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