Cvatik on Monetizing Photography Without Taking Photos

Many creatives are self-employed rather than entrepreneurs. They don’t have a boss, but they are still exchanging their time for money.

Cvatik, a Russian born and New Jersey based photographer, decided to take his creativity and monetize it in a unique way.

He talks about how he makes money from photography without working with brands or taking photos for clients.

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Making Money with No Client Work

Unlike many photographers, Cvatik makes 100% of his income from other photographers rather than client work.

He sells different products and tools online rather than taking photos of models or brands for pay.

Some of the things that he sells include:

  • Lightroom presets

  • Workshops + educational resources

  • Coffee table photobook

He only uses photoshoots as a way to advertise his other products. This allows him to practice his craft entirely on his own terms.

Cvatik’s style is very unique. The way he captures the human body merges what is most natural with a hint of something that is almost otherworldly. It is creepy in the most beautiful way possible.

Getting Started as a Photographer

Getting started as a photographer is easy. You buy a camera, register for an LLC, snap some pictures and post them.

However, becoming successful takes talent and skill.

Cvatik emphasizes the importance of keeping things perfectly legal when starting out. He recommends using Legal Zoom or a local lawyer to set up your business entity so that you are protected against liability.

This makes sure your ass is covered in case something goes wrong with a client. It is also helpful when it comes to landing clients. People like to know that you are legit.

When it comes to writing contracts, he recommends using the free tools that you can find on Google.

Once you’ve covered all of your legal bases, it comes time to market your work. He suggests avoiding Facebook and Instagram ads, as he believes that they’re a waste of money for photographers.

In Cvatik’s opinion, there is no big trick to finding success other than creating high quality content that speaks to your skills and talent.

Connect with Cvatik

If you haven’t checked out Cvatik’s work already, you have to! You can find him on social media.

Twitter: @cvatikphotog

Instagram: @cvatik


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