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April 2020 Creatives of the Month

Updated: Apr 11

Many creatives and creative entrepreneurs operate their businesses from the support of online communities.

Here at ForTheWxnners, community if everything. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce you to a few of our favorite creatives each month.

We’re dedicating the month of April to a few photographers that we love.

1. Jake Wangner

Twitter: @insvin

Instagram: @jakewangner

Location: Dallas, Texas

Style: Moody and abstract

2. Justin Hardiman

Twitter: @kail_soul

Instagram: @kail_soul

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

Style: Eclectic

3. Hannah Dimmitt

Twitter: @peachyhannah

Instagram: @hannahdimmitt

Location: Dallas, Texas

Style: Retro and spunky

4. BriscoePark

Twitter: @briscopark

Instagram: @briscopark

Location: United States

Style: Eerie and sci-fi

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