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Payment plans offered!

Cover Art | 8 Services Included!


This all-inclusive marketing kit is designed to give artists the tools and skills to effectively use social media to their advantage in marketing their music.  Many artists make the mistake of monetizing their passion only through merchandise.  The Music Marketing Bundle demonstrates our invaluable strategy of building an engaged, committed social media platform, which is crucial to the wide dispersal and sale of your work. 


What’s Included:


✓ A Marketing Campaign Set-Up will walk you through everything we’ve taught you about building a platform to grow your music base. We will ensure the proper application of your newly formed skillset to enhance your success. 

✓ 1 Hour Social Media Strategy Session where you learn our unique approach to marketing, complete with social media branding in the following creative forms: 

✓ Covert Art (Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud Compatible)

✓ Tracklist Art

✓ Video Advertisement

✓Mp3 Cover Art

✓ Access to our exclusive networking community where we share monthly social media tips and insider knowledge to advancing in the music game

✓ Individual consulting from our top marketing agents to analyze your application of our strategy, tools, and approach. We will assess your strengths and weaknesses to provide guidance along your journey. 


We pride ourselves on our interaction with our clients.  Our first step is to discover who you are, how you have previously branded yourself, and in what ways your music speaks for you. By developing introspective relationships with our clients and their current social media presence, we are better able to accurately mold our strategies to fit your aims. 


Artists such as Fat Trel (Maybach Music), Doe Boy, John Rossi (Def Jam Records) have benefited from and vindicated our services. With our Music Marketing Bundle, we invite you to join our team of winners. 


Who is the Music Marketing Bundle For?


We have a unique solution that caters especially to indie and unsigned artists who are often ignored by marketing agencies. Artists are able to market themselves with this bundle from the start  to finish of a project, rather than only having support in the post-music production stage. 


- Artists who feel overlooked or defeated from low engagement with their music

- Anyone, whether they be an Indy or signed artist, looking for the proper social media strategy to ensure long-standing success 

- People who lack creative aspects behind marketing and social media popularity 

- Artists who want to belong to a community of other artists and entrepreneurs who are constantly building their knowledge and expanding their networks in a myriad of industries 

- Artists in need of bi-weekly or monthly payment plans 

- Must be ambitious and willing to be intently involved in the curation of their platform


Make The First Step

Place your forty dollar deposit today during business hours and an agent will promptly reach out to you to begin the curation of your personalized marketing bundle. We leave it up to the artist to determine whether they’d like to pay in full, or enroll in a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan to pay for their remaining balance. 


After making the first step in reaching out to us, we devote ourselves to your platform and the marketing of your music. As an artist, you will no longer have to rely on monetizing through merch, as we share with you our methodology for earning money in multiple arenas. 


Grow your platform and spread your music reach by joining our team today! 

See How We Match Up against the competition

Watch create a cover art LIVE for Future's artist Doe Boy

See what Rick Ross's Artist Fat Trel had to say about us

Frequently asked questions

What is your turn-around time?

We actually complete work 5 days faster than our competition! 5-7 Business is our turn-around time.

What is a Instagram Story Ad?

When you purchase our cover art, you're purchasing a complete bundle which includes an advertisement video. An example is attached to this answer.

What is an Cover Art Mp3?

We include a photo of your cover art that has your song playing in the background.

How long does the $100 off sale last?

It ends today so BUY NOW!

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! We offer Weekly and Bi Weekly payment plans after after you $40 Deposit is placed.



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