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Facebook Ads Course Details

Learn how to utilize "The Scenario Method" a Facebook ads strategy, I will demonstrate how to run profitable ads, offer solutions to why they may not be performing good, and the golden rules to scaling your business using Facebook Ads.


✓ The “Scenario Method” I personally created as a surefire way to sell your product, courses, or services and grow your Instagram account all by using Facebook Ads

✓ How to Run Profitable Ads, Unique for your Product/Service

✓ Why Your Ads Aren’t Converting and What to Do

✓ How to Optimize your Instagram Growth by Increasing Followers, Likes, Engagement, and Sales

✓ The Crucial Ability of Analyzing Data Provided by your Ad Campaigns

✓ The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Ads

✓ How to Scale your Ads After they Become Successful

✓ Execution Based on Your Intentions: Product Sales, Course Sales, Service Sales

✓ Critical Rules for Profitably Scaling Your Business

✓ Terminology and Understanding for Navigating the Facebook Ads Platform

✓ How to Handle Taxes for Your Facebook Ad Account

In my Facebook Ads Strategy Course, I show you exactly how to create your Facebook ads and scale both your ads and business. You will receive my own method of increasing Instagram engagement that has been instrumental in the success of my brand. Completing this course will help you generate leads and grow your business through Facebook ads and approach your inevitable success in terms of preserving growth and navigating taxes. Many people’s Facebook Ads consistently fail because they do not have the understanding necessary to create powerful ads.

I am sharing with you the understanding that helped me achieve my large commercial success so that you can avoid the simple mistakes that cost entrepreneurs hundreds of dollars. Consider this course a hands-on training for optimizing ad success through key, insider knowledge. You don’t have to have experience with Facebook Ads or have any ads currently running. You just need to be open-minded and have your notebook and pencil ready to get started!


About Your Instructor:

Dontez has run sales since he was 17 years old, first as a cable salesman, and then in a car dealership. At just 18, he was drawn to Dropshipping after noticing a growing demand for durags in his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. He then turned his dropshipping venture into an e-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag, a brand that now has earned 6-figures, 14,000 email subscribers, and 38.4K followers on Instagram. Key to his rapid success has been the optimization and scaling of Facebook Ads and Instagram growth.

Dontez has demonstrated his knowledge and ability to scale Facebook Ads and exponentially grow an online presence. A prime example of his skill is his business Instagram account, which has almost 40,000 followers and his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts that serve over 30,000 followers.

Dontez started Snag-A-Rag with $30, which he flipped into $50,000 in just 10-months after his brand’s inception, primarily through taking advantage of Facebook ads.

A Word from Dontez:

This course is special to me because I share methods that have been crucial to ensuring my online success. In addition to my personalized explanations, I demonstrate how to take care of business on the front end, by properly understanding and scaling ads, as well as the back end, by showing you how to execute paying taxes on the ads you will create.

To truly be successful, whether you are an e-commerce entrepreneur or a blogger, you have to be able to master Facebook ads. Facebook Ads have been the bread and butter to success as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Through this course, it is my hope that I can share the success I’ve achieved with you and your future endeavors.

Who this Course is For:

• This course is designed for people who want to start or and scale successful Facebook Ad campaigns

• Social media influencers, businesses with an online presence, Facebook marketers/consultants

• Bloggers and people with platforms they want to scale for growth

• Anyone with a will and determination to master Facebook Ads!

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What's included in 1 Month Facebook Ad Mentoring

- You will learn how to read, analyze, and adjust your Facebook Ads to become the most profitable

- You will learn how to brand your ads so you can increase your website/course over all conversion rate

- You will be exposed to multiple types of people with different results, methods, and solutions that you can network with on a daily basis

- You will have support at your fingertips & tips from others that may have gone through what your going through

- You will have community to talk with that knows exactly what your talking about and can easily relate to the things your going through during your marathon running Facebook Ads.

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