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Here's what your website will include

1. Lead Capture Pop Up

Most people miss out on a A LOT of money and subscribers because they don't capture any information from website visitors.

We create a pop up form that captures information from visitors so you can follow up with them in the future.

2. FREE Facebook Pixel Installation

You need to be capturing as much data as you can so you can run better Facebook and Instagram ads.

We install your Facebook Pixel for FREE so you can run more profitable ads.

3. "Contact Me" Button

Make it easy for your website visitors to contact you.

We create a button that allows people to send you an email in just 1 click!

4. UNLIMITED Links/Buttons

Link your followers to all of your content.

Get as many buttons as you want.

5. Custom Website Name

Don't ruin your branding by having a website name

that doesn't match your brand.

We help you set up a custom website name!

6. Custom Profile Photo

Add a photo of you or even a picture of your logo !

7. SEO Optimization

Our websites help you get found on google search results.

8. FREE ForTheWxnners Membership

Have access to ALL of our products and services that help you gain more customers on social media.

Here's a few of our recent projects

Who are these wesbites for?

  • Online store owners

  • Influencers

  • Freelancers

  • Service Providers

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Bloggers/Vloggers

  • ANY type of entrepreneur

  • Content Creators

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Online Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1 Page Website

How long will it take for my site to be done?

Only 3 days. Yes we said it... JUST 3 days. Our team is QUICK!

Will I need to come back to you to get my site edited?

Nope, you own everything. If you need assistance, you'll always be able to contact us and we can edit it for you.

Will this website help me with Facebook ads?

Yup! We install a Facebook pixel on your website FOR FREE that will help you make money with Facebook ads. What is a Facebook Pixel? Have you ever looked at a product on website then after you exited the site, you couldn't stop seeing the product on social media? That's because the website you went on had a Facebook pixel installed that allowed them to capture your data and essentially follow you around the internet until you buy their product. We do thi same thing for you, FOR FREE

Can I customize eveything on my site?

YES. Tell us everything you want and we'll create it for you.

Is this a One time payment?

YES. This is a one time payment. No subscriptions or anything like that. Pay 1 time and have your website for a LIFE TIME.

How many websites have you created?

Just to keep this simple...THOUSANDS.

How will I get my website?

Once your website is done, we will deliver it via email.

How much is this?

You can purchase for as low as $39.99

What does this website include?

  • Unlimited buttons/links
  • Custom background
  • Custom button color
  • SEO optimization
  • FREE Facebook Pixel Installation
  • Custom Profile Photo
  • FREE ForTheWxnners Membership
  • Cusom Website name


We created a new website solution that looks exactly like a linktree style website. But it provides a lot more benefits.

And this is the reason why we are trusted by companies like Def Jam, who manage your favorite musicians and companies like SilichCorePlus in the Hamptons,


So far developed over 500 of these websites that I'm about to present you this year alone.


We've done sites for:


  • Influencers

  • Affiliate marketers

  • Online store owners

  • Content creators

  • Bloggers

  • Vloggers

  • Real estate agents 

  • and more!

"These websites are made for literally ANYONE"


Here are a few that we have made.

I hope you like the examples of the past projects that we've done.

Now let's go on to the features...


 Let's let's talk about what's all included in these one page websites.


So #1

We install a facebook pixel on your website for free, which will help you run ads and make your ads a lot more profitable.



We have include SEO optimization.


Our website helps you get found on Google.



Another cool feature that we have is we help you set up your own custom website name.


You want to keep your branding intact, right?


So for example, my company's name is ForTheWxnners


 Therefore, I want my website names to say


 I don't want to say link


I want it to literally say


We help you set up your own custom website names.


We have options where we can do this for you.

Or we have like Step by Step Tutorials in there. It takes like two seconds to do this.




Now the next feature, which is really, really cool is our websites include something that's called a lead capture pop up.

So what happens is, when a person visits your website, a pop up appears that captures things like their email, their phone number, their social media name.


This is so so crucial because people are missing out on A LOT of money because they aren't capturing enough data on the people that are visiting their sites.



So when a person visits your website, once you purchase with us, they'll automatically be presented this form that captures their email, phone number, Twitter name, you know, whatever.



And then you can follow up with them on different offers in the future.


This is really really essential for you know, building customer relationships community and also building things like an email list, which is really really essential.




You get:


  • Unlimited buttons

  •  Unlimited links

  • Customized background

  • Customized button color


You also get to add a cool profile picture or maybe you want a logo or something like that on your one page website.

You get to add that on there as well.


So that's pretty cool too.


So this is our website solution here and you can buy now for as little as $39.99.


BUY NOW for as little as $39.99 click the link down below.


 I can't wait to start working with you!


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